Show Low Regional Airport: Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF)


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires airport firefighters to receive specialized training.  The  TMFMDt personnel are ARFF certified and maintain a full time station at theShow Low Regional Airport 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


ARFF Certification


 ARFF certification requires successful completion of 120hrs in the following categories:


  •     Basic Aircraft Rescue

  •     Airport Familiarization

  •     Aircraft Familiarization

  •     Aircraft Rescue Firefighter Safety

  •     Aircraft Fire Rescue Emergency Communications

  •     Aircraft Rescue and Firefighter Equipment and Appliances

  •     Suppression Agents and Application

  •     Evacuation from Aircraft During Emergencies

  •     Aircraft Firefighting Operations

  •     Airport emergency Plan

  •     National Transportation Safety Board Accident Investigation and Cause Studies

  •     Airport Fire Prevention

  •     Aircraft Forcible Entry

  •     Aircraft Ventilation

  •     Federal Aviation Regulations

  •     Aircraft Search and Rescue