TRT Operation

 The Timber Mesa Fire and Medical is dedicated to providing the highest standard of customer services and programs.

 The TRT Operation is dedicated to providing up to date and advanced rescue services to our customers and neighboring agencies.

 Some of the services we currently provide and wish to develop in the future are as follows:

  •  High and low angle rope rescue.
  • Confined space rescue.

  • Still water rescue.

  • Swift water rescue.

  • Ice rescue.

  • Trench rescue.

  • Lost person rescue.

  • Training and Awareness programs.


The TRT Operation specializes in filling the Technical Rescue needs that the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical and our neighboring agencies may encounter at the various emergencies that may arise at any moment. It is the goal of the TRT Operation to address these needs through.


  • Quality training

  • Pre planning

  • Rapid response

  • Professional performance on scene

  • Adequate equipment


The TRT Operation will constantly strive to enhance the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical tradition of life safety and customer service.